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Students are expected to maintain attendance in class in order to receive credit. Each student will be limited to five (5) absences (excused or unexcused) per semester in order to receive credit for the class.

Parents are required to verify any absence within twenty-four (24) hours through written notice or the absence will be classified as unexcused.

Early Dismissals:
There will be no early dismissals by phone! All dismissals require a written request from parent and/or legal guardian. Each dismissal will be confirmed per phone call to said parent/guardian. Walk-in dismissals are permitted.

For safety reasons, students may not be dismissed from school during the last twenty (20) minutes of the school day.

Students reporting after 8:20 must report to the dean's
 office for a tardy note to class. Only five (5) notes from parent/guardian for attendance matters will be accepted per year. Exceptions are: Doctor's note, Court note or other legal document.