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NameDepartmentTelephoneE-MailWeb Site
NameDepartmentTelephoneE-MailWeb Site
Alston-Cope, Andrea Special Education - Speech Therapist 896-4502  
Anderson, Melissa Library 8334  
Art Office Fine Arts/Art 825-4749   
Ashe, Ai Choo  Fine Arts/Art (Instructional Leader) 825-4749 Bruins Digital Studio 
Athletics Director Athletics 896-7638  Bethel Athletics 
Baines, Karla Social Studies 896-7721  
Banks, Brandon Special Education 7673  
Banks, Brenda  Library 896-7633  BHS Library 
Bennett, Sarah Science 7701  
Benz, Jennifer Math 7754  
Beverley, William Health & PE/Football Coach 896-7683/7641  
Black, Ronnie Technology 896-3862  
Boone, Linda Clinic 825-4419  
Boswell, Kristine Health & PE 896-7641/7714   
Brehon, Craig Dean of Boys 825-4407  
Breisch, Doriann Math 896-7750  
Brooks, Jay Math 896-7754  
Brown, Nicole Science 896-7723  
Chamblee, Sharon Special Education 7644/7716/7717  
Chasteen, Kimberly Math/Intro to Law 825-7761  
Chavers, Claudia Career and Technical Ed./ Business & IT 896-7766 Edmodo 
Clinic Clinic 825-4419   
Cochran, Olivia Social Studies 7763  
Coleman, Augustus Career and Technical Ed./ Technology Education 825-4600  
Community Services Board CSB 896-8081   
Cooke, Rolanda Main Office Receptionist 825-4402  
Coppedge, Audrey Math 896-7718  
Cornell, Tracy Science 896-7764  
Coston, Ricky Career and Technical Ed./ JROTC 825-4420  
Cotton-Fitzgerald, Alecia Foreign Language 896-7731  
Coverston, Gary Career and Technical Ed Instructional Leader./Technology Education 896-7650  
Coxon-Jackson, Jenee Science 896-7722  
Davis, Barry Social Studies 896-7718  
Dean of Students Deans 825-4407   
Diaz, Mary Cafeteria Manager 896-7639  
Earley, Della School Counseling 825-4429  
English Office English 825-4508   
Francis, Jerome Security 825-4421  
Frazier, Merita Math 896-7752  
Garrity, Dorothy Principal - Governor's Health Sciences Academy (GHSA) 825-4754  
Gee, Diamond Foreign Language 896-7686  
Graham, Gretchen Graduation Facilitator 825-4506  
Gray, Wendy Learning Lab 896-7671  
Gross, Lydia English 896-7645  
Gym Office Health/PE 896-7641   
Hall, Wendy Health/PE 896-7714  
Hamraz, Rebecca Social Studies 896-7677  
Harris, James Principal - Freshman Academy 825-4416  
Heffner, Lindy Math 896-7748  
Henderson, Michelle Career and Technical Ed./ Business & IT 896-7730   
Hildebrandt, Sherry Academy Coach 896-7769  
Hines, Raschad Math 896-7754  
Hinton, Vanessa English 896-7651  
Hodges, Yolanda Math 896-7763 Mrs. Park 
Hopson, Gregory Principal - Academy of Law and Public Safety (ALPS) 825-4484  
Howard, Tanya Principal - Media Arts & Design Academy (MAD) & Transportation, Analytics, and Logistics Academy (TRAIL)  
Joel, Jah-Mar Special Education  
Jones, Charlene School Counseling 825-4424  
Jones, Cynthia School Counseling Secretary 825-4715  
Jones, Wayne Security 825-4421  
JROTC Office Career and Technical Ed./ JROTC 896-4420   
Kamp, Carl-John Foreign Language 896-7689 Bethel High School Latin 
Kelley, Mary Science 896-7711  
Kidd, Paul Math 896-7752  
King-Hairston, Sherri Accountant 825-4753  
Lancaster, Jerry Band 825-4778  
Lane, Hillary English 896-7644 Ms. Lane's English Classes 
Lawson, Michael Science 896-7685  
Learning Lab Learning Lab 896-7671   
LeDoyen, Candice Foreign Language  
Lehner, Rachel Art 896-7700  
Lewis, Lawrence Career and Technical Ed./ Technology Education 896-7712  
Library Library 825-4423  BHS Library 
Liddell, Christie Art 896-7644  
Lucas, Kesha Science  
Main Office Main Office 825-4400   
Main Office Fax Main Office 825-4465   
Martin, Lee Athletics Director 896-7638 Bethel Athletics 
Math Office Math 896-4477   
May, Kathleen Health Occupations 825-4577 Ms. May 
McCann, Michael English 896-7716  
Miura, Sarah Math 896-7747  
Monahan, Ralph Social Studies 896-7760  
Morgan, Amber Math  
Mowery, Melissa Special Education 896-7672  
Murphy, Sherry  
Musser, Sheryl Special Education  
Ochsenfeld, Angela Principal Secretary 825-4755  
Ochsenfeld, Chad Social Studies 896-7720 World History One 
Officer Rhone School Resource Officer 825-4609   
Oliver, Jennifer College & Career Coach @BHS 262-3106/@HHS 825-4821  
Outlaw, Kenya Testing Coordinator 896-7720  
Pace-Pierce, Cantrese Graduation Specialist 268-3309  
Palmer, Karen Chorus 825-4417  
Peters, Brannef School Counseling 825-4428  
Proctor, Regina Math (Instructional Leader) 896-7746 Ms. R. Proctor 
Ransom, Pamera Attendance 896-4415  
Records Request Fax School Counseling 825-4857   
Redding, Dionne English  
Rice, Amaris Career and Technical Ed./Family & Consumer Science 896-7702  
Richard, Daniel Health/PE 896-7641  
Roberts, Geraldine Special Education 896-7647  
Rodriguez, Eliud Career and Technical Ed./ JROTC 896-7725  
Ruffin, James Science 896-7675  
Rustchak-Meade, Natasha English  
Saunders, Holly Library 896-7633 BHS Library 
Saunders, Ralph Executive Principal 825-4755  
School Counseling School Counseling 825-4424   
Schultz, Ria Social Studies (Instructional Leader) 896-7762  
Science Department Science 825-4484   
Security Security 825-4421   
Shultz, Steven Career and Technical Ed./ Business & IT 896-7636 Mr. Shultz 
SIPS SIPS 896-7675   
Smith, Holly Learning Lab 896-7671  
Snyder, Marcia Main Office Receptionist 825-5903  
Social Studies Office Social Studies 896-7728   
Special Education Office Special Education 896-7673   
Spencer, Melissa Math 896-7755  
Strangis, Joe Health/PE (Instructional Leader)/Track Coach 896-7713  
Taylor, Lindsey Social Studies 896-7683  
Teacher Lounge  825-4468   
Testing Coordinator Testing Coordinator 896-7720  
Thiriet, Castilla Foreign Language 896-7733  
Turner, Robin Science 896-7705  
Vail, Christa English  
Vick, Mary Science  
Vines, Deborah Career and Technical Ed./ Business & IT 896-7656  
Williams, Eddie Special Education 896-7648  
Wise, Renea Math 896-7747  
Woodruff, Heather Career and Technical Ed./ Business & IT 896-7765  
Woods, Traci Clinic 825-4419  
Yearbook  896-7741  
Showing 132 items